Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking back at 2008

Al Mohler lists ten historical events that occurred in 2008. What a year it's been!

1. The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States.
2. America becomes Ground Zero of a global economic crisis.
3. The Bush Administration prepares to depart.
4. Controversy in the Episcopal Church leads to schism.
5. California voters approve Proposition 8.
6. The death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn marks end of an era.
7. Euthanasia is approved in Washington State.
8. John Edwards is caught in a sexual affair -- and America cared.
9. Atheists launch public relations efforts.
10. The world takes note of a demographic downturn -- Where are the babies?

Here are seven more events in 2008 that were noteworthy for my family:

1. Our daughter Heidi Amelia was born.
2. Dylan was potty trained and has really developed mentally and socially in the last year
3. I reached the two-year mark of pastoring at our church and finally feel as though we're settling into a routine.
4. We found a nice camp near Big Bear Lake for our family to take short, refreshing vacations. We look forward to making many more memories there in the years to come.
5. Our church started a young adults Bible Study and we have seen a few new families attending the church.
6. Our church developed a mission statement that has allowed us to make some strategic ministry changes.
7. We had a record-level snowfall in the middle of December.

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