Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our hiding place

"A prairie fire was whipped along by the wind so fast that it overtook all creatures in its path. One family, seeing the impossibility of outrunning the blaze, began a backfire and then covered themselves with earth as they lay in the midst of the already burned-out circle. The roaring fire met the backfire and it burned only up to the edge of that burned-over area, then went right around it, continuing on its hungry race. That family was saved. They knew the only safe place was where the fire had already burned.

"The fire of God's wrath has touched down at one particular point in history. And when it did, it utterly consumed a man as he hung on a cross. It did not burn a large area, but it finalized God's work of judgment. The fire of God's wrath will come again in history. This time it will consume the whole earth. Will there be any place to hide? Only on the hill where that cross stood, where the fire has already burned. A person is forgiven if he identifies with Christ who on the cross bore God's judgment for sin. Jesus Christ is our burned-over area, the only safe hiding place." (Will Metzger, Tell the Truth, p. 75)

This communion Sunday, I come to the Lord's table thankful that God's holy wrath has already been poured out upon His Son. I am safe at the foot of the cross.

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