Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sale on commentaries

Rejoice Christian Software is offering a special sale right now on the 12-volume Expositor's Bible Commentary. The print version of this set runs for $129.99 plus shipping at CBD. However, right now at Rejoice, you can buy the CD-ROM for only $59.95 (the discount will be applied when you click "buy now."

My seminary professor Jim Rosscup called this set "
the top general work of scholarly evangelicalism." Perhaps a good way to spend some of that Christmas money?

Please note, this set is NOT compatible with the Logos Bible Software I mentioned a couple weeks ago. It must be viewed in a separate program called Pradis. Unfortunately, Logos has not yet struck up a deal to publish Zondervan books in the Libronix format. This is a minor inconvenience, but the set is still very worthwhile to have.

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