Friday, December 14, 2007

Logos Christmas Special

Logos Bible Software is one of the best computer Bible programs on the planet - perhaps THE best. I use it every day.

Right now, Logos is offering a 25% Christmas discount on all their base products. If you’re considering buying Bible Software, now is the time. If you’re strapped for cash (aren’t we all?), I’d recommend starting with the Bible Study Library. You can upgrade to a larger set down the road, but this is an outstanding base package (170 books) for a killer deal at only $195. I really think every person - not just a pastor or seminary student - can benefit greatly from this package.

The coupon code is Christmas2007, but the discount should be automatically applied when you click 'add to cart' on any package. You can see a full product comparison here.

For those who already own some Logos books, you can upgrade from one package to another at a 15% discount. Happy shopping!

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Philip R. Gons said...

Thanks for the note, Stephen. Always great to hear from our customers! Have a blessed Christmas!