Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Collision – the movie

An upcoming movie called Collision looks to be an excellent introduction to philosophy and apologetics. It traces a series of debates between Christopher Hitchens and Doug Wilson. Both men show respect for one another while defending antithetical beliefs.

But this is no ordinary documentary. It is apologetics on steroids. The smart editing and lively sound score make it a movie even many teenagers will enjoy - and need to see.
From the Collision website:

The documentary COLLISION pits leading atheist, political journalist and author Christopher Hitchens ("God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything") against fellow author and evangelical theologian Pastor Douglas Wilson on a debate tour arguing the topic “Is Religion Good For The World?”. Lives and worldviews collide as Hitchens and Wilson wittily and passionately argue the timeless question, proving to be perfectly matched intellectual, philosophical, and cinematic rivals. COLLISION is directed by prolific independent filmmaker Darren Doane (Van Morrison: To Be Born Again, The Battle For L.A., Godmoney).
You can watch a 13 minute preview or pre-order it now at Amazon.

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