Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 highlights from the SBC convention

The 2009 SBC National Convention just ended tonight. This was my first national convention. Here are ten highlights from the past two days:

  1. Strong support for the Great Commission Resurgence task force. This group, composed of 18 SBC leaders, has been appointed by Johnny Hunt to evaluate every SBC program and institution and bring a report to the 2010 convention on how ministry can be done more effectively for the glory of God. The GCR was the leading reason I wanted to attend this year's meeting.
  2. Some great fellowship and great laughs with my dear Christian brothers from California: Bret Capranica, Justin Peters, Tony Chute, Chris Morgan, and Walter Price.
  3. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The school had a special lunch, tours, chapel service, and cake reception this afternoon to commemorate the event. Bret is trying to convince me to pursue a PhD now instead of a DMin. We'll have to see.
  4. Listening to the missions and Disaster Relief reports on how God is using the SBC to show compassion, spread the gospel, and save the lost.
  5. The Wednesday afternoon Baptist Twenty-One panel.
  6. Attending the 9 Marks at Nine panel last night.
  7. Getting lost all over Louisville. I'm a much better driver than navigator.
  8. Attending the Founders Breakfast (my biological clock said it was still 3 am when we left the hotel for breakfast.)
  9. Hearing David Platt's passionate sermon on the power of the gospel Wednesday morning.
  10. Eating at Mark's Feed Store. Wow, those were some killer BBQ ribs. Thanks, Bret!
For more recap of the convention, check out Internet Monk's post here and Ed Stetzer's post here. In a comment on the iMonk site, Tom Ascol wrote yesterday, "Today was the single best day any SBC Convention I have ever attended. I am convinced that God is working in ways that will surprise us all. The sooner those of us within the SBC get over the SBC the better off the SBC will be. I think that is happening."

We've got one last stop. We're planning to visit Cave Hill Cemetery in the morning where Boyce, Broadus, Robertson, and others are buried. It will be a fitting cap to this eventful week. Things have been super busy the last two days, waking at the crack of dawn and staying up way into the night. I'm looking forward to getting back home tomorrow and feel the need to spend some time praying for our convention. To God be the glory for what He has done.

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