Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Need for Church Unity

Last Sunday morning, we looked at John 17:20-26, the final part of Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer. In these verses, He prayed for “all who would believe,” including you and me! We saw Him pray for the church’s unity in two areas:

  1. Our present unity – Jesus prayed that our unity would reflect the unity within the Holy Trinity (v. 21). We can expect both unity and diversity in the Body of Christ. The basis of this unity is the very indwelling presence of God in us, His “glory.”
  2. Our future unity – Jesus is delighted as His closing request in the prayer to ask for us to be together with Him, forever and ever, and to see His glory (v. 24).
Thought & Discussion Questions:
  • Have I truly believed in Christ through the word of His apostles? (v. 20)
  • In what ways should a church show unity? Diversity?
  • How would I rate the unity in my home? (Excellent? Fair? Poor?)
  • How would I rate the unity in our church? (Excellent? Fair? Poor?)
  • Is our church’s unity providing a good witness to the community? Why or why not?
  • Am I growing in the keys to unity found in Ephesians 4:2, i.e. Humility? Gentleness? Patience? Tolerance in love?
  • With whom do I really struggle to show these fruits?
  • Do I need to confess a sin or reconcile with anyone in the Body? (Matt. 5:23-24)
  • Who is someone outside my “clique” or “comfort zone” I can reach out to this week to foster greater unity in our church?
(Sunday’s sermon has been uploaded to our podcast site and is now available for free download or to listen online.)

May God help us apply His Word this week in our hearts, in our words, and in our actions.

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