Monday, March 9, 2009

Walk for Life 2009

On Saturday, March 21, Dylan and I will be doing the "Walk for Life" to support the High Desert Pregnancy Clinic. This will be our second year in a row.

The Walk for Life is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the clinic, and your help is appreciated. Recently, the director of the clinic wrote,

We have ... seen an increase in calls asking about abortion. These clients are scared! Many already have children and can’t see how they could afford one more. This makes our jobs that much more difficult to help them see that a child is a gift from God and that for most women, they do regret aborting that child. These women are in survival mode, they feel the responsibility of taking care of the children they already have. But, still they refuse to acknowledge the child within. We try to help them see that the baby within is just as much their child as the ones in the home. In many cases they do decide to keep their baby.

For those who do not decide to keep their baby and there are a few, we ask them to come in for Post Abortive Counseling if they begin having difficulty with their decision.

Pray for these Women, their decision to abort does effects the relationship with their living children and their husbands. They are often are pregnant again within a year trying desperately to replace the child they aborted or they become distant and aloof towards their family, trying to mask the pain in their hearts, by believing that nothing matters any more. There are millions of women who feel like this and do not know how to make the pain go away.

We here at HDPC are working with God to help heal them, to bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus and the forgiveness that only He can provide. We can’t do this without your support! We need your prayers and your financial gifts to keep our doors open. I know in these tough times everyone is suffering financially but without YOU we could not keep this ministry open. Our Volunteers give of their time to provide quality care and guidance to our clients. Please help us by giving to the Lord’s work we are providing!
If you're interested in sponsoring us with a small donation, just email me at Thanks!

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