Monday, March 2, 2009

Same sex marriage hearing on Thursday

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Proposition 8 was put before the people of California, and by a wide margin of 600,000 votes became a part of the California Constitution (Article 1, Section 7.5). Next Thursday, March 5, the California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments to determine whether the sovereign will of the people should be upheld, and whether marriage between only a man and a woman will stand.

This is the most important legal issue impacting families in a generation. The outcome of this case is “do or die” for traditional marriage. If the California Supreme Court were to overrule the vote of the people (for the second time) it would not be long before homosexual marriage is the law of the land across this country.

Please be in prayer for our Supreme Court Justices next Thursday as they hear arguments on this historic case. Pray for the legal team led by Ken Starr who will be making a case for the constitutionality of limiting marriage to one man and one woman. Pray for those who oppose this amendment, that they will understand our motivation is to affirm traditional marriage and preserve the traditional family, not to attack or offend any person or group. Most importantly, pray that no matter what the outcome, churches and individual Christians will be a gospel witness, showing obedience to God and love toward those who disagree.

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