Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A call to prayer

Walter Price, pastor of Fellowship in the Pass in Beaumont and current president of our Southern Baptist state convention, has called for a special day of prayer on Wednesday, April 15:

In light of the current moral, spiritual and economic decline of our nation, I am calling all CSBC churches to a season of focused prayer. April 15 is a significant date for all tax-paying citizens – it is also a Wednesday and many churches will be holding their scheduled prayer meeting.

Let’s dedicate an entire service on this day as a time of prayer for our nation. We should also dedicate a specific time in every Sunday service following this date for a similar special prayer focus as well.

What a powerful opportunity for our churches to join our hearts and voices together across this great state in prayer. God’s Word reminds us that we are to “Call to the Lord and He will show us great and mighty things” (Jeremiah 33:3). We are in a unique position as the people of God. The church is the one group in America that has good news and carries the message of true, lasting hope. With so many depressing reports coming from the secular news media, it is time for God’s people to respond with the good news of God’s abundance and sufficiency, even in a time of crisis.

Imagine the spiritual energy as every church, large and small, city and rural, joins together in this timely prayerful response. We should be careful not to craft the prayer services as identical models to follow, but we should embrace a few common elements as we pray together. Consider adding these five items to your prayer focus on April 15:

  • Families facing financial struggles as a result of job loss and cutbacks
  • Churches to respond with sensitivity and compassion to those in need
  • Local, state and national elected officials to use wisdom in leadership
  • Opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus clearly and effectively
  • Humility, repentance and a true spiritual awakening in our nation

This call to prayer is being issued in the other state conventions across this nation by their presidents as well. I pray that we will join our hearts, minds and spirits together to call upon our holy and righteous Heavenly Father to grant us mercy and give us grace to help in our time of need.

Walter Price, pastor, Fellowship in the Pass Church, Beaumont

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