Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Heidi!

Dear Heidi,

One year ago today, God brought you into this world, and how fast you've grown!

You've brought so much joy and energy into our family. You're playful and sneaky. You love to giggle and squeal. And you're so close to walking all by yourself! You've got lots of teeth and are such a big girl eating finger foods. You're a wonderful playmate for Dylan, and make your Mommy and Daddy so very proud. We're pray you will some day know the Lord Jesus as your Savior and find new life in Him.

Heidi, we love you, and thank God for you!
Happy Birthday!

Mommy & Daddy

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Stephen Jones said...

Several of you wrote messages to Heidi via email or Facebook, so I decided to paste them all in here as a comment. Thanks for writing!

- "We praise the Lord with you for the precious gift He gave you (and us) 1 year ago on Feb 20, 2008 . We love you Heidi and are also praying that you will one day, as a young girl, trust in Jesus as your Savior from sin." With our love, Nana & Papa

- HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI!!!! xoxoxo - Emily Lickey

- Happy Birthday dear little one, hope you recieve many blessings on this day. - Susan Bontrager

- HAPPY BIRTHDAY Heidi! - Jessica Pham