Friday, January 2, 2009

A year of mixed success for Southern Baptists

Tony Kummer has just released what he believes are the top ten SBC stories from last year:

1. Decline In SBC Giving

2. Economic Woes Hit Seminaries Endowments

3. John 3:16 Conference Adds Fuel To The Fire

4. Johnny Hunt Is Elected President Over A Field Of Six

5. Resolution On Church Membership Is Adopted

6. Decline In Church Membership Is Confirmed

7. SBC Fails To Move Presidential Election

8. Dissenting Blogs Close

9. Klouda Controversy Is Resolved

10. Kummer's last item is "You Pick."I would say top story #10 is the reorganization of the IMB and the appointment of hundreds of new missions personnel. We should always celebrate the laborers God is raising up to enter the harvest field.

I believe it was a year of mixed success for Southern Baptists. On one hand, the 2008 reports on attendance, baptism, and giving were all disheartening. But I believe our denominational decline may actually be a blessing in disguise. It has forced us to get down on our knees in prayer and to redouble our efforts toward the Great Commission.

The election of new leadership, the resolution on regenerate membership, the return of doctrinal discussion, and the humiliation of our past failures may actually pave the way for a new era of gospel work among Southern Baptists.

God has humbled the proud. Now may He give grace to the humble.

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Tony Kummer said...

Good perspective, ultimately in good times or bad we all need to trust God more. Let's pray we can learn this lesson and get back to the mission.