Friday, November 14, 2008

The journal journey

If you're familiar with Logos Bible Software, you've probably heard at some point about their massive Theological Journal Library, published by Galaxie Software. This set is now up to 10 volumes, which would cost thousands of dollars in the equivalent print editions and would take up 75 feet of shelf space!

I've been a fan of the Journal Library for several years, and have been purchasing each new volume as they become available. I have used it many times to do searches by Scripture reference, but also feel like I've barely begun to tap into its full potential.

To help change this, I have an idea for a new reading club called the "Journal Journey." I will select one article from a theological journal each month to read and discuss on this blog. For our first month together, we'll read the following:

Mare, W. Harold. "Guiding Principles for Historical Grammatical Exegesis." Grace Journal 14/3 (Fall 1973): 14-25.

This article by Professor Mare is listed on Dr. Bill Barrick's "Past Periodical Punch" reading list, and since it deals with basic principles of Bible study and exegesis, I think it's the perfect place to start. Just read the article in the next few weeks, and I will blog on it the first week in December.

If you would like to obtain a copy of this article to read along and join the discussion, there are several ways you can get it:

Here's a listing of all the journals included in the Journal Library, Volumes 1-10:
  • Ashland Theological Journal (Volumes 1-37)
  • Bibliotheca Sacra (Volumes 91-163)
  • Bible and Spade (Volumes 1-12, 1-13)
  • Chafer Theological Seminary Journal (Volumes 1-12)
  • Christian Apologetics Journal (Volumes 1-5)
  • Conservative Theological Journal (Volumes 1-10)
  • Conspectus (Volumes 1-3)
  • Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal (Volumes 1-11)
  • Emmaus Journal (Volumes 1-14)
  • Faith and Mission (Volumes 1-23)
  • Global Journal (Volumes 1-2)
  • Grace Journal (Volumes 1-14)
  • Grace Theological Journal (Volumes 1-12)
  • Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (Volumes 1-11)
  • Journal of Christian Apologetics (Volumes 1-2)
  • Journal of Dispensational Theology (Volume 10)
  • Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (Volumes 9-49)
  • Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society (Volumes 1-19)
  • Journal of Ministry and Theology (Volumes 1-10)
  • Masters Seminary Journal (Volumes 1-15)
  • Michigan Theological Journal (Volumes 1-5)
  • Reformation and Revival (Volumes 1-13)
  • Reformed Baptist Theological Review (Volumes 1-3)
  • Review and Expositor (Volumes 70-103)
  • Southern Baptist Journal of Theology (Volumes 1-10)
  • Trinity Journal (Volumes 1-26)
  • Westminster Theological Journal (Volumes 1-68)
By the way, Volume 11 just went on sale in the last week. This costs $50 and will be an add-on to the other 10 volumes.

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