Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Are sermons irrelevant?

There's a lot of debate nowadays about whether preaching has become passe in our high-tech, low-attention span culture. Are expository sermons irrelevant? The Pulpit Magazine blog answers this question with some thoughts by John MacArthur on "Preaching and Postmodernism." You can check out part one here. MacArthur's conclusion:

The bottom line is that expository preaching confronts the amorality of postmodernism with an authoritative message of absolute truth. It’s not a question of debating. It’s not a question of trying to find some way to sneak that in. It’s an issue of confronting this kind of thinking with the absolute authority of Scripture and then letting the Spirit of God make the application to the heart.
I'm looking forward to part two tomorrow. I also hope to post on Wells' chapter four on Thursday or Friday.

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David said...

I had a frend tell me that after attending a church where they only heard topical teaching, they realized later that they didn't know any Bible stories! Because every verse was taken out of context, they didn't know the flow of the Scripture.

To be honest, expository teaching when done well is much more interesting than topical! We're going through judges on Wednesday night. I found myself thinking as I prepared: I don't think I would ever cover Judges 2 unless I was going verse by verse through the Bible.

I'm afraid an overemphasis on topical teaching is leaving people spiritually hungry. Biblical truth is passed on, but the soul is not fed.