Thursday, April 24, 2008

If God called me home today...

If God called me home today, what would I have to show for my life? I know my eternity is secure, for I've trusted wholly in the blood of Christ for my forgiveness. But have I stored up any treasure in heaven (Mt. 6:19)? Have I performed any deeds of lasting value, like gold, silver, and precious stone (1 Cor. 3:12)? Would I hear those tender words from my Lord, "Well done, good and faithful servant" (Mt. 25:21)?

I ask this question, not because death appears immanent, but because Robert Murray M'Cheyne was exactly my age today when the Lord took him home. M'Cheyne was a Scottish minister who lived from 1813-1843. He is one of my greatest heroes of the faith. And in just 29 short years, he accomplished more for the kingdom of God than most people who are twice his age.

Despite several battles with illness, M'Cheyne remained a man of
deep devotion, compassion, self-discipline. At the age of 24, he pastored a church with 4,000 members. In 1939, he spent six months in Palestine to scout out future missionary work in the region. He wrote many letters and tracts, and preached frequently throughout Scotland. Though he never saw the full effects, M'Cheyne was instrumental in a national revival and the founding of the Free Church of Scotland. His memoirs and shorter biography have been an inspiration to me and countless other Christian leaders and laymen for over 150 years.

I thank the Lord for this humble servant, Robert Murray M'Chenye. I don't know the day or the hour God will take me home, but as long as He keeps me on this earth, I pray I will live with a growing urgency and devotion like this great man of God.

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Phamilyof6 said...

"If God called me home today, what would I have to show for my life."
What a powerful question. Surprisingly, not a question asked from many pulpits. But certainly is Biblical. Makes me question what storehouses I am building. Makes me connect in my mind to a blog I just read from a 20 year missionary to Peru, about why the SBC churches are deteriorating.